Hello, my name is Wendy Crawford . I am fluent in Spanish and English. I was born in Northern California, and am of northern European origin. I began studying Spanish 20 years ago. I have spent two semesters studying in México. I studied Language, History, and Literature at the Autonomous University of the Yucatán. It is because of my fond memories of México that I have used the Mexican Flag emblem in this website.

I later studied in Costa Rica and Guatemala as part of my Master’s Degree in Spanish. I had the opportunity to travel throughout these beautiful countries including a memorable excursion to Tikal, Guatemala which is pictured on the sidebar. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Spanish from Sacramento State University in the year 2007.

I have taught various levels of high school Spanish, including Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish. I helped students earn university credit for this course. I have also taught Spanish to adults.

Now I am an independent translator of Spanish and English. I utilize my experience and various resources to provide the best service. I work quickly and with precision.